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Hey guys and gals! Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been a little busy…and a whole lotta lazy. Not that you care. But if you do, I missed you too boo boo. I promise to get “write” back on track….bah dump, dump!

Anyway, (dodging your side eyes) I wanted to chime in on Hurgate 2012. What is that? The hur (hair) scandal that shook up the Olympics. I’m not going to lie. When I saw little Gabby Douglas, I did give her hair situation the side eye. But, I gave the side eye to all of the gymnasts’ hur situations. Their poor edges! (Girls, stop pulling those ponytails so tight!) But not once did I think Gabby’s hair was unmanageable, nor did I judge her on her hair alone. I knew she was a tiny dynamo, and I’m glad she did her thing.

Here’s my beef. The girl won two gold medals. She accomplished more in her 16 years on this planet than any of us every will. So I don’t understand why some of your cousins felt the need to attack her about her hair. Actually, I do. One word, eight letters.


Unlike most of us who would cut a trick for talking about our hur, Gabby shook off the haters and proved she was a true class act. I admire her enthusiasm and positivity. I also appreciate the fact that she didn’t act all stank this week when she didn’t get a medal. I think she is a great role model to young girls, and I pray she doesn’t end up in one of those random big booty trollop magazines you see at the gas station.

So where am I going with this?

As I drove to work yesterday, I caught the end of Jacque Reid’s TJMS interview with Sophia Nelson, author of Black Women Redefined. Ms. Nelson said something that grabbed my attention. She mentioned that a scientific study found black women to be the most unattractive of all ethnic groups. What the French, toast? How terrible is that! And why someone felt the need to even do that study boggles my mind. It was really unbelievable to hear that. Ms. Nelson went on to explain that because we’re hearing stuff like this from the media, we’re basically repeating these things within the black community. You can listen to the full interview here.

Hearing that really made me think. I have my battles with self-image. One day, I might think I look just as good as one of those video chicks. Another day, I might think I look like Miss Sophia(as in “You told Harpo to beat me” Miss Sophia.) But I try to reserve my shade for those who really deserve it.  To me, those who deserve it are those broads who shellac on MAC, eat a grape for lunch, sew in Barbie hair and then turn their noses up at you because they think they are the coldest. I’ve come across them from time to time, and I find it to be extremely sad. You can buy every product at the MAC counter, get every dimple lasered off your ass, bathe in the blood of virgins and wear chinchilla lashes, but if your attitude is horrible, you’re not a bombshell. You’re just a straight up bitch.

Ok, what was all that about?

I’m getting to it.

I feel like we put emphasis on the wrong things sometimes. Because of it, we now have a generation of women who go to the gym in full hair and makeup, and get breast implants at 18. We have women who feel like they need to be flawless to be seen. And if they’re flawless and seen, everyone else is irrelevant. To me, they’re pretty/ugly.  It seems like more and more, I’m seeing that with black women. I could be wrong. But I feel like we have to do much better. Our young girls need us to do better. They need to see there is more to life than a good weave and a phat ass. They need to see us support each other and celebrate our differences. And that’s why I’m glad Hurgate happened. Hopefully it will open our eyes and teach us to treat each other with respect.

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