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Can You Really Forgive and Forget?

on July 5, 2011

It’s no secret that I enjoy watching reality television shows. My life is fairly tame and normal, so of course  I want to see the foolishness that goes on in someone else’s life.  Most of the shows are scripted, cut and spliced for salaciousness. But who would want to watch an hour of someone working, washing clothes or paying bills? Not me. I’d rather create dryer lint art  instead.

Thanks to the big O’s channel, I have discovered yet another reality show. This show doesn’t have catfights or drunk Oompa-Loompas from Jersey, but it does have real people with very real problems. The show is called Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal.

Unfaithful Logo


Unfaithful features two couples that have dealt with infidelity in their marriages. The cheaters and their spouses tell their stories through confessional-style interviews. These interviews are also accompanied with re-enactments of the ordeal. Overall, I think Unfaithful is a solid show. What I don’t understand is why the couples always get back together. I don’t understand how you could love and trust someone again after they have violated you and your vows.  Sure the couples on the show have gone through counseling, but in the end, is that really enough?

I’ve had some pretty rotten things done to me over the years and it’s still hard for me to totally forget about some of those incidents. I try to do the Christian thing and turn the other cheek, but sometimes I feel like the offenders are getting off easy when I do this. I know what you’re thinking. If you were here, you’d probably tell me that being mad won’t make the situation better.  You’d also say that those people could care less about me sitting and stewing in my anger. Yes, you would be right. But I guess I would feel better if someone would find those people and punch them in their guts or smack them in the back of their heads because they are  shitty people. In other words, I want instant karma for those losers.

I’m not a bitter person, but I do have a super low tolerance for selfish people. These people don’t care about anyone but themselves. They also don’t have a problem trampling on others to get what they want. I’m sorry, but if had my own episode of Unfaithful  featuring the crappy people in my life, we would not  be holding hands and strolling in the park at the end. Instead, I would get them in a small room and light them up with a paintball gun.



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