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Pass the Heineken and Mind Your Business

on June 1, 2011

There’s something that bugs me more than Auto-Tune or Lil Wayne. That something is judgmental people.

I did some digging on the tubes and found a couple of definitions for judgmental. One definition was, “having or displaying an excessively critical point of view.” Another definition from the always amusing Urban Dictionary really struck a nerve. Judgmental was defined as, “a way of making ones self feel better, by hurting others. Usually caused by closed mindedness, and a lack of manners.”

That second definition is what bugs me about the Jugdey McJudgersons of the world. They are the ones who will analyze a person within minutes of meeting them. They will tear down they way a person talks, the way a person dresses, a person’s ethnic background or even their sexual orientation. I’ve been around some Judgeys  and as soon as they start spitting their poison, my skin starts to crawl.  I also start to wonder what their true motivations are. The common denominator usually is the fact that these individuals don’t have lives or  are secretly jealous of those they judge.

I have a pretty diverse circle of friends. Some of my friends are pretty wild, while others are very low-key.  They come from different backgrounds and some do things that I might not always agree with. But do I condemn them to hell or stop being their friend just because of that? No, I don’t. I accept and love my friends – flaws and all. And they accept me as well.

I know I crack jokes and make fun of people on my blog. But honestly, I know it’s not my job to tell people how to live their lives. Grown-ass people are going to do what they want to do. They are the ones who have to live with their decisions, not me. My job is to worry about myself and to avoid sticky situations.

Besides, Baby Jesus hasn’t come down and appointed me as head of the morality police. So until I start floating in the air and sporting a halo, I will be here trying to live the best life I possibly can.

In closing, I only have one thing to say to all of the Judgey McJudgersons out there. The next time you sneer and start unloading the insults, stop, shut your mouth, pass the Heineken and mind your business.

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