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Current Fixations

on April 6, 2011

And now it’s time for another exciting edition of Current Fixations. Since it’s supposed to be spring (I say this because it’s still slightly wintry in Ohio), I’ve decided to switch to brighter lip and nail colors. Right now, I’m all about corals and hot pinks.  So here are some products that are in my current rotation:

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Double Dare

Source: MAC

I love gloss, but I tend to stick with the peachy/pink colors. I’ve tried to venture into red lip gloss territory but when I wear them, I always look like I just made out with the Kool-Aid Man. Oh yeah! Anyway, I was feeling adventurous before my birthday so I decided to try a bright color again. I ended up trying on Double Dare and I fell in love with it.

MAC describes Double Dare as a “coral-red.” I think that description is just about right. In the package, it looks like more of a berry color. But it’s very vibrant on. The color actually reminds me of strawberry Runts candy.

The Cremesheen Glass isn’t sticky and the staying power is pretty darn good. I ate sushi and a sundae, and it stayed on my lips. I only remember touching it up maybe two times during my night out. Double Dare is my new favorite color and I am so glad I bought it. I love it so much that I even swiped some on right before taking my driver’s license picture!

Cremesheen Glass sells for $18.50 but is worth the investment. It’s perfect for those that want the creaminess of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss.

OPI’s Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em


This color is part of OPI’s Texas Collection. The collection is made up of 12 colors, and six of those colors have a “sorbet-like finish” according to the company. Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em happens to be one of the sorbet colors.

I am often drawn to OPI because of their range of colors, but sometimes I am disappointed by the wear of their polishes. OPI polishes can cost between $5-9.50 depending on where you buy them. I figure if I’m going to pay $8-9 for a bottle, the polish should not bubble or chip off within a few days. This has happened to me before with OPI so when I find color I like, I’ll check out China Glaze or even Zoya to see if they have a similar shade.

But for some reason, Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em kept calling my name every time I walked past the Texas Collection display at Ulta. So I finally bought it a couple of weeks ago. The color is a cross between a cherry red and a hot pink. It goes on well and has a creamy finish. It does seem to be a little sheer though so I had to apply about 3-4 coats. I also covered my nail tips with it and topped it with Seche Vite. The color held up well and lasted about a week and a half. As for my toes, it’s still going strong.

OPI’s Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em sells for $8.50 at Ulta.

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