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Older, Wiser, Better

on March 31, 2011

Source: The Hot Glove

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending my favorite little person’s first birthday party. I had a great time watching mesmerized toddlers play with plastic balls, tissue paper and shoes. They didn’t have a care in the world…until nap time rolled around. When the crankiness and crying started, we knew the party was over.

As I stood there watching all of the activity, I thought to myself, “This is how birthdays should be.” Those kids weren’t worried about frown lines or gray hairs. They weren’t whining about how they didn’t want to be alone for the rest of their lives, or talking about the latest diet they were on in an effort to get ready for summer.  They were just there enjoying the moment.

Sure you might laugh because toddlers are too young to comprehend the things I just mentioned. But that’s beside the point. The truth is I feel that it’s kind of ridiculous for us to get all bent out of shape over the aging process instead of appreciating our experiences.

On Monday, I will celebrate 33 years on this earth. And though I’ve had my share of ups and downs, I am grateful for every experience. Those highs and lows helped shape me and make me an even smarter and stronger person.

I almost didn’t make it 33 years ago. I was born prematurely because my mom developed toxemia. I arrived in this world at just two pounds and twelve ounces. But with a lot of prayer, good medical attention, and the care of a stern German nurse, I made it out of the woods.

The story of my arrival helped me realize that God allowed me to live for a reason. It’s now up to me to make the most of my life.  So to me, every birthday is a blessing.

On my special day, I don’t think about bills, I don’t think about hunting for a man, I don’t obsess over Baby Miguel (that’s what I’ve named my gut) and I don’t think about why I haven’t won the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes yet. I just spend that day celebrating me and looking forward to another year.

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