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The Mom Jean Menace

on March 8, 2011


No girl, you don't look hawt.

Source: That Cool Broad


Hello, my name is Devon and I hate mom jeans.

It never ceases to amaze me when I see a woman rocking mom jeans. Especially when her  jeans are hiked up  to her boobs and secured with a belt.  I don’t know if it’s a midwestern thing or just pure laziness, but this look needs to be banned. Last time I checked, it was 2011. Heck, if you’re still sporting this look, you might as well bust out the scrunchies and off-the-shoulder sweatshirts too!

Nothing cracks me up more than when I see a woman who thinks she looks so hot…in mom jeans. Truth is, she really looks busted and behind on the times.

Honestly, I don’t think these jeans should be blamed on moms. I have friends who are mothers and they happen to be quite stylish. So I think they would be very offended if they were associated with those monstrosities. Instead, mom jeans should be called “I don’t give an eff jeans.” Why? Because that’s what you are telling us when you throw those bad boys on.

If you are as victim of this fashion nightmare, you need to realize one thing in order to stop the insanity. Jeans were not created to hold your gut in. If you are using them to do so, stop. Hey, I am a full-figured gal so I know it can be tough when you’re working with a little extra in the midsection. But looking like a marsupial is not cool. And when you hike your jeans up to hold your gut in, it makes you look straight dumpy just like this:

Source: Bruce Littlefield’s Life 101

If you’re looking for something to minimize your pouch, invest in a good body shaper.   You can even find jeans from   ShapeFX and Not Your Daughter’s Jeans that can help flatter your figure. They might be pricey, but anything’s better than camel toe.

If you need some guidance for buying new jeans, check out this month’s issue of InStyle. On page 259, you’ll find an article called, “What Goes with Which Jeans.” The article gives you tips for paring shoes and tops with cropped jeans, boyfriend jeans, flared jeans and non “don’t give an eff” high-waist jeans. Start here, and you should be good to go. And after you buy some great new jeans, make sure you burn your marsupial ones!


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